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The Revolutionary Tracking Solution

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About EZiTrace

Let EZiTrace Take Your Production to Higher Grounds

What is EZitrace ?

Tracking and Tracing is one of the pillars of industry 4.0
EZiTrace is a (IIOT) Tracking and Tracing Solution with capability of not only tracing the production but also to keep an track  on quality, maintenance, periodic production, Stat analysis and lots more accessible on your palm.
EZiTrace brings managements and production to work together in more efficient way in order to yield better outcomes and to encounter grey areas between Management and Production.

Why Industry Need  EZiTrace ?

Tracing production is still a tough task to handle, due to complex management and data to handle, it’s becomes difficult to record and analysis whole production by human efforts.

Also Industries faces another problem is gaps between managements and production which affects the overall production.

Here EZiTrace help to do all such task

EZiTrace software is programed in such a way to represent complex production data in much simpler form with minimal human interaction with results in best ROI.

How you can start with us ?

1) We Map out Industry 4.0 strategy by doing Industry 4.0 Readiness Audit 
2) Create initial pilot projects and use them to establish proof of concept 
3) Define the capabilities needed by building on the lessons learned from pilots 
4) Become a virtuoso in data analytics: building capabilities that can be fully embedded into    functional organization 
5) Transform into a digital enterprise as capturing the full potential of Industry 4.0 
6) Actively plan an ecosystem approach by developing complete product and service solutions    for our customers. 





EZiTrace is capable of working with multiple hardware like Machine Vision Cameras, RFID, Sensors, Scanners, and many more.

Predictive Maintenance

In the age of Data analysis and Artificial Intelligence, our solution provides a provision for using the stored data to make future business decisions.

Real-time data visualization

Intuitive Data representation using multiple types of Graphs and charts. The dashboard has live updates and an option to download the data in Excel form.

Artificial Inteligence Analyzer

Report analysis by the help of Machine learning and AI.

Predict future of your production.

Production Mangment

EziTrace provide Pre-production planning, Multiple Shift Management and Operator Allocation Methods. Using EziTrace software you can define Organization Hierarchy and assign role-based privileges.

User friendly


EZiTrace is Designed in such a way , that every user can easily understand it and work on it without any complex training.



Allow users mobile accessibility to keep an eye on production without physically attending production areas. You can monitor production reports from a remote location.



EZiTrace is fully scalable. Any number of devices can be added to current installed system. The software is also adaptable as any number of employees and devices can be added and deleted


The plant of one of our clients was experiencing quality rejections as a result of a long welding line of 21 stations, where tracking the wrong operation on the frame was nearly impossible. Being a repetitive process that required precision, the task led to mental and physical fatigue, which in turn, resulted in rejections and the need for rework. Keeping a record of the contract-based labor was also a key issue in their production. The company, striving for Industry 4.0, aspired to station a technology that could take over the strenuous task of tracking and optimizing this key process. Thus, decided to explore the solution by deploying EziTrace having Machine Vision-Based Track and Trace System.

Some of the successful implementation of EziTrace


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